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home clearingGot a messy room and realise you actually want to dispose of most things permanently? This is where we can help. The same applies across the rest of your house. Too lazy to fit things into separate bags and boxes across departments? This is precisely where we come in.

House clearance is what we do and no task is too difficult. We understand that performing a typical house clearance involves attending to every single room across spaces of much excess waste like garages, bedrooms and in-home storage rooms. The task ahead can be daunting for any concerned individual, but thankfully we are capable of responding through sending out capable staff across lifting, handling delicates and tidying.

Our Rubbish Removal Clearance clearance services are always performed in the interests of both safety and hygiene. We understand that even unwanted goods deserve thorough attention in shifting. Such clearance services subsequently involve the cleaning and sanitising of all involved areas, with great attention afforded to areas that could become hazardous if left unattended following any clearance efforts. The last thing we want is for customers to harm themselves following a clearance visit from us, be it through tripping up on a left over object. Similarly, any food residue or corners prone to attracting cobwebs will be suitably cleared and dusted. Such things as the presence of ants, revealed only once items have been shifted, can be dealt to through modern means in cleaning.

A home clearance shouldn't be limited to areas indoors. For this reason, our Rubbish Removal Clearance home clearance service doubles as a garden clearance job, with care taken across moving out all those excess weeds, chipped garden gnomes, broken fences and left over Christmas trees. Call us today if in doubt over the full extent of our outdoor services on 020 3743 9090.

Since we understand that a garden is particularly prone to waste and poor conditions of hygiene, we will work meticulously to ensure no unwanted dirt, compost matter or discarded objects are left on site as part of our unparalleled garden clearance service. We understand the science behind treating your garden and can even trim long-reaching grass and weeds.

domestic clearance LondonFurniture clearance is also within our remit of capability since we know how to safely handle large and awkward items across transition, with the capacity to call upon additional help among staff if need be. Since furniture clearance can prove difficult, and indeed dangerous, for non-qualified home owners, our certified team will come prepared with the appropriate gear across firm boots, padded overalls and gloves before systematically shifting your furniture out. Mindful that you may wish to sell some of the furniture you are moving out, or indeed transfer it to a storage space elsewhere, we will adhere to necessary safety precautions across our domestic clearance efforts.  

On this note, we will perform such a domestic clearance service promptly and with as little disruption to your home-based needs as possible.  

Since junk removal is known to involve things like moving bicycles, whose handle bars can easily scrape and stain walls, we will make every effort to ensure transition is smooth across all items, and subsequently attend to any removal marks promptly. Junk removal might also involve clearing broken items, like chairs with protruding legs capable of damaging things like doors frames during transition. In the case of a common example like this, our staff will hold the chair upright, instead of having the chair extend out, with the legs in leading. Simple specifics broken down like this serve in explaining our approach across items universally.

To book the most practical, safe, affordable and efficient house clearing company, call us today on 020 3743 9090. No other house clearing company can match us locally.

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Pankie 2022/09/26
Used their rubbish clearance in my home. The team was very efficient and friendly. Will recommend it to other people!
Josh 2022/09/19
Used their rubbish clearance service in my home. The service was excellent. The team worked really hard and made my home look nice and clean!
Eunice 2022/09/10
Rubbish Removal Clearance helped me recently with my house clearance. The service is fast and efficient - thanks!
Jane 2022/09/04
Used their rubbish clearance in my home. The service was friendly and fast - thank you so much!

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