My experience with RubbishRemovalClearance has been nothing short of excellent, thanks to their outstanding customer support team.
     With this company taking care of waste disposal for me, I have one less thing to worry about in my business operations. Their service is always prompt, reliable and reasonably priced - completely satisfied with their performance.
Jack Scott28/03/2024
     Awesome job on their part! Very impressed with their services and will definitely return for any future needs! Competitive pricing was an added bonus!
     The stress of removal was taken off my shoulders thanks to Rubbish Clearance who delivered on their promise of a quick and efficient process. Highly recommended!
Sam Robb05/03/2024
     I made a reservation for their services and they arrived promptly without any issues.
B. Webb24/02/2024
     Excellent teamwork.Like a well-oiled machine, these waste collectors worked together seamlessly to provide outstanding service - couldn't have asked for better teamwork!
H. Winston 14/02/2024
     They were right on target with their arrival time for collecting my mattress.
Rachel Young04/02/2024
     The crew was both efficient and affable, with fair pricing that didn't include any surprise costs.
Dave Baker25/01/2024
     I would not hesitate to recommend this company based on their excellent service that was both swift and efficient.
Jeffrey V.15/01/2024
     We were thoroughly impressed with their wonderful customer service.
U. Gutch20/12/2023
     As we lived so far away from London, finding someone to help us clear our property was going to be tricky; these individuals were truthful, capable and worked hard at getting the job done.
Jane G.20/11/2023
     Impressive stuff from the waste disposal staff, who provided a great level of friendliness during the process.
James R.06/11/2023
     Whenever I find myself needing someone to come and empty my home's content, I get a little bit anxious over who will arrive. Thankfully, this wasn't the case with Rubbish Removal Clearance. They were hugely professional, worked promptly and tidied up after themselves before leaving.
Alicia Smith21/02/2023
     Amazingly efficient, polite, and extraordinary customer service - I've been recommending Rubbish Removal Companies to all the people living near me!
Paul Smith09/02/2023
     A friend told me that your rubbish removal service was the best one by far, so I called you to help me with all of my junk. I can't believe how much stuff you got rid of!
     I wanted a junk clearance service that would work quickly and carefully, as well as being cheap, which is why I called your company for help. Thanks to your guys my home look new again!
     When I needed a reliable junk removal service, your company was just the right one for me. They worked quickly and were very professional!
     I was looking for a cheap but effective rubbish collection service when a friend recommended you. You did such an amazing job!
     I really wanted a waste collection service that could work with my budget. My friend suggested I call your company, and I'm glad I did! Your prices are great, and the workers who came to help me were very nice.
     I needed someone reliable and cheap to get rid of all my junk for me, and your company was just the right one! Your team did a great job in no time at all!
     Your garden waste removal company is amazing! I needed fast but thorough service, and that's exactly what they gave me. They did such a great job and were friendly too, thank you!
     I was very happy with the rubbish collection service that your company performed for me. They were fast and made a mess-free job out of it!
     Thank you for the great work done by your garden waste clearance service! Your staff are very professional and reliable, plus they were very friendly too.
     I like to leave reviews when I have received service so everyone can see how brilliant it really is, which is why I am writing this one for your company! Your builders waste disposal team did an amazing job in my home!
     After using them I have to say that Rubbish Clearance offer the best builders waste removal service in the city. Thrilled at how thorough a job the team did for me.
Trevor Sissons20/08/2019
     When it came time to deal with the rubbish at our flat, we left it up to Rubbish Removal Clearance and they were very fast to clear it all.
W. Riley29/07/2019
     Can't think of a bad word to say about Rubbish Removal Clearance, the team were friendly and punctual, they came and did a very good job, and the price was fantastic. Good all round waste collection experience.
Tiffany Rey10/04/2019
     Great team, great prices, and very efficient work from Rubbish Removal Clearance. Will use their rubbish removal service again for sure.
Wilson Hobbert18/03/2019
     The rubbish clearance service was carried out professionally and was done at a very reasonable price. I was very happy with Rubbish Removal Clearance.
Daniel C.05/03/2019
     It was an excellent rubbish removal service from Rubbish Removal Clearance and the team were a great bunch of guys.
Paris S.13/02/2019
      Rubbish Clearance were terrific when it came to rubbish removal. There were no dramas, everything happened as planned.
A. Gutch08/11/2018
     I wanted to hire a waste removal company close by. RubbishRemovalClearance arrived at the required time to my property. The loaders were responsible, well mannered and hard working. We were to be charged for their time spent, so I was pleasantly surprised to note that they worked as quickly as possible. Good to know I would not be price gouged for labour. Excellent work ethic and experience. Good company.
Maynard P. Franklin09/10/2018
     I wanted to support a local business, one familiar with the terrain of my area. Booked in the afternoon, they arrived next morning. Rubbish was collected as promised. RubbishRemovalClearance did me right. I happily recommend them to my mates who need trusted rubbish removal services.
Jarret Saunders 10/09/2018
     I have used the good services of Waste Removal Services for over three years now. I needed a local business I could rely on that was inexpensive. Good hardworking lads, work is always done quick.
Garrit Thomas16/08/2018
      Waste Removal Services offers a cost effective, reliable waste removal service. Their workers are prompt, polite and hard working. They arrived at my residence on time. Best waste clearance service for the money.
     Swift and efficient waste removal service. they had no issue in removing the old, discarded furniture. Waste Removal Services is one I will use again if necessary.
Chester C. Statham06/07/2018
     I'm so glad I used Rubbish Removal Companies for rubbish removal. I don't know what I would've done without their professional services.
James B.06/06/2018
     RubbishRemovalClearance were incredibly quick and helpful when we used them for a one of rubbish clearance recently.
Adam Nicks02/05/2018
     Fantastic experience with Waste Removal Services all round; it was really easy to speak with them to get a free quote. Booking was simple too and they were really flexible with appointments, even offering evenings and weekends, and the actual rubbish removal went without a hitch, so I'm very impressed all in all. Wouldn't necessarily expect it from a local company, but I was very happy to be pleasantly surprised by them.
Cordelia Futon23/04/2018
     We used RubbishRemovalClearance a few times for their rubbish clearance and are always very pleased with the results, especially considering how cheap they are.
Diana Stone23/03/2018
      Waste Removal Services - best value for money on waste clearance. We really enjoyed our interaction with them. They're really nice and polite. Did a great job. We would have been happy to pay more for that kind of service. It's obvious that a company values customer service when they're the cheapest AND the best.
Dillan B.20/02/2018
     My house clearance job required an extra pair of hands. I found them at Rubbish Removal Companies. They helped me out a great deal, and the service was very reasonably-priced too.
L. Kelly16/01/2018
     Not sure how I even found Rubbish Removal Clearance, but I'm very happy I did. They are the most cheap rubbish clearance service I could find and quick workers as well.
Isla Pope05/12/2017
     What I appreciated most about the team from RubbishRemovalClearance, was that they actually listened to what it was we had to say, and required. Waste removal was done quickly and at the price quoted to us, no hidden fees and no trying to sell us other services. We are well pleased.
Norman Potter08/11/2017
     We needed a dependable waste disposal company. My auntie had lived on her own after her husband left, and basically kept to herself. Her age and mobility prevented her from doing much cleaning, so we hired Rubbish Removal Companies to clear out much of the old newspapers, magazines and unusables. Professional, low cost and efficient workers. Will recommend and use again!
Pamela Hewitt04/10/2017
     Efficient, affordable and honest people to do business with. Rubbish Removal Clearance did the whole job from start to finish in only 3 hours time. Everything was exactly as promised. Thank you for the efficient junk collection service!
Hamilton Davies14/09/2017
     I now know that the secret of a great deal lies within hiring Rubbish Removal Companies. They provided me with junk removal services and couldn't have done a better job. Thank you!
Y. Robb28/08/2017
     Overjoyed with Rubbish Removal Companies! Made my rubbish removal a cinch!
     Needed help with some rubbish clearance before moving home and came across Rubbish Removal Clearance during my research. So glad I chose them, I've not used a rubbish removal company before, but I'd definitely say they were the best - really helpful, knowledgeable and very quick work. Best company I've worked with by far.
Pamela King26/07/2017
     Very efficient service, great prices, and super friendly team. Have already told all my friends about Rubbish Removal Companies and I'm looking forward to the next time I need rubbish collection.
Keith Jade11/07/2017
     RubbishRemovalClearance offered me an affordable waste clearance service. Even though I am on a fixed budget, this company offered me the best service that didn't cost me the earth.
J. Fox27/06/2017
     The waste collection crew from RubbishRemovalClearance was quite excellent. They knew exactly how to go about the entire mess, did the job without complaint, and left the entire area clean and tidy. The actual cost was as the quote. No hidden fees or charges from this lot. Overall, outstanding performance. Would hire again.
Timothy Christopher30/05/2017
     I'm quite happy to recommend Waste Removal Services for the waste collection work done on my property recently. This was my first time using them for my end of tenancy clearings, and overall quite pleased. Communication with the office? First rate. The crews were flexible, took instruction well, and the overall rate was reasonable for the high quality work received. I will definitely request this crew to work on any waste removal jobs if required in future.
Ashton Crowley05/05/2017
     Used their waste collection service two days ago. I am really pleased with the result, the cost was low, and will hire Rubbish Removal Companies again.
Jake W. 24/04/2017
      Rubbish Removal Companies offered me rubbish removal services at competitive prices. That's what attracted me to their company and to my delight, that's what I received.
F. Cuttler13/03/2017
     Friendly and reliable waste collection team! They charged me an affordable price and helped me remove the clutter from my home. Rubbish Removal Clearance is the best rubbish removal company in London!
L. Mould10/02/2017
     Hired Rubbish Removal Clearance 2 days ago and I loved the way they handled my rubbish. It was a trouble-free and cheap waste removal service!
Jane O.16/01/2017
      Rubbish Removal Clearance - the cheapest waste removal service in London!
Phil Y.06/12/2016
     Rubbish collection is not my favourite thing to do that is why I hired Rubbish Clearance to help me get rid of a large amount of general rubbish. They did a wonderful job and the price was quite affordable!
Y. Prosser15/11/2016
      Rubbish Clearance have been covering my rubbish collection needs for over six months now and they've always been punctual in their arrival and discreet in their work. And when I renewed my contract for another six months the other day, they even gave me a discount on the price. Great company!
D. Norman27/10/2016
     Needed waste collectors and a few people directed me to Rubbish Clearance as the most reliable clearance company out there. They did the work the very next day after I called and definitely showed that they knew what they were doing. Will be recommending their services for sure!
Patricia K.28/09/2016
     I was very impressed with the staff from Waste Clearance Services London who handled my home clearance. I'd hired them to remove all the junk from my property and they did fantastic work. They arrived on time and immediately got to work. They bagged my junk, tore it up to make it easier to handle and took every safety precaution when removing it. The rubbish was gone in no time and they gave me a stress-free experience. If you are looking for an easy way to get rid of your clutter, call this team today.
Emily Black30/08/2016
     The process went very well and was mightily efficient and excellent value for money. From start to finish everything went smoothly so I'll definitely recommend Rubbish Bin to others in the future.
Steve Clarke21/12/2015
     When we were planning our last house move, we had a long decluttering period just to make the whole thing a bit easier. By the end of it, the whole family was shocked by the amount of stuff we own but never use! With everything getting in the way of our living space, I called RubbishBin to help us with our property clearance. I couldn't have asked for a better service, with everything being loaded up and removed quickly and carefully by a very friendly team. I would definitely recommend their service for moving.
Harry G.03/12/2015
     RubbishRemovalClearance were brilliant as ever! I've used their services a few times now and on every occasion I've been treated to a quality rubbish removal service. When the need calls for rubbish removal, you can bet my bottom dollar that their team will be the first people I call. Great service and keep up the good work!
Sharon Jones17/11/2015
     After we'd had a lot of landscaping done, there was loads of turf, bushes and loose tree branches cluttering up our garden. One of my friends recommended Rubbish Clearance for their excellent value, and the way they go out of their way to help you. They were exceptionally speedy and efficient when they come to our home, and you could tell straight away that they knew what they were doing. After a few bad experiences with other waste firms, it's a load off my mind to know I can all up a good high-quality service whenever I like!
Jack B.04/11/2015
     There was no chance of me removing all my old furniture by myself and taking it to the local skip. I didn't have the strength or the vehicle for the job, so calling Rubbish Clearance was the logical choice. They took care of my large and heavy items of furniture with no problems and carefully dismantled everything and removed it from my property. A truly brilliant company and I would have no problems recommending them to others.
J. Bains27/10/2015
     I really did have a lot of junk in my house that I needed to get rid of. I didn't have the means to remove everything myself, so I called Rubbish Removal Companies to help me out. Although I was in desperate need of some help, I was pretty sure that the job was going to cost me a lot, but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the price estimate given to me by their team. After that, booking with them was a no brainer and I enjoyed a brilliant service from start to finish.
Joe Cook16/10/2015
     I saved lots of time and effort by choosing Rubbish Removal Clearance to clear my garden of rubbish. I had lovely staff helping me with the service. They were friendly and very experienced, and I was shocked at how quickly and easily they collected and disposed of my rubbish! I was even happier to find out that this is an environmentally conscious company. This is an excellent company and I'm very pleased with the service I received!
     I'm really happy with my decision to hire RubbishRemovalClearance for help with my garden clearance. It was a bit of a mess due to debris, but this company did a great job and were very professional. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs a similar service!
      Waste Removal Services were my first choice for my home clearance because of the reputation they have. I had only heard good things so I decided to see if they could prove their worth. They did this and more, by getting all my unwanted goods out of my house without any problems and they took everything way. The job was done in a very short time and I didn't need to do a thing. I can guarantee that they lived up to their reputation.
Jack Crane11/09/2015
     I hired Rubbish Clearance because I wanted a thorough home clearance. Getting rid of all my goods safely and then disposing of things myself would have been too difficult, so I had this team of experts do it for me. They got the job done quickly without any problems. I was impressed with their work and definitely recommend them.
Cindy Leroy01/09/2015
     After having a new extension built on my office I used Rubbish Removal Companies to clear the builders waste and rubbish that was left over. The service was first class. The waste was separated into loads and collected by a lorry to be taken to the recycling depots. All in all an affordable and prompt service!
Brad Perkins18/08/2015
     When I moved into my new house the garden was a tip! But, as the moving had taken up so much time we opted to hire a professional garden clearance company to help us get rid of the rubbish and surplus garden waste that looked as though it had been there for years! Plus we didn't have a lot of time to sort it, but knew most of it was useless rubbish. We were passed on the name of a clearance company in the area called Rubbish Removal Companies. The company was professional and knew what to do. The waste sorted, loaded and removed quickly. The rubbish was soon cleared and the bill was good too!
Joseph Saunders03/08/2015
     I was absolutely thrilled by the work that was carried out by RubbishRemovalClearance and their team. There was a lot of rubbish that needed clearing from my garden and I was worried what was going to transpire when I booked a rubbish removal service. But there was no need to fret as the team really did do a fabulous job. Great work!
     My back yard had become a dumping ground for all sorts of junk, including a few broken chairs, loads of tree clippings and old and damaged lawn ornaments. I wanted to clear out the space, so that I could set up a small patio area with a table and chairs set and a barbecue, but I didn't know where to start from. My neighbour recommended Waste Removal Services for their thorough garden clearance services, so I hired them, and I am so glad I did! They cleared the space in record time and took all the junk away. Thank you!
Larry Peterson13/07/2015
     Over the years, my attic had become stuffed with old toys, broken furniture pieces and all manner of useless junk. I wanted to transform the attic into a home office, so I booked the loft clearance services of Rubbish Removal Clearance. They cleared my attic in a very short time. Thank you!
A. Walters02/07/2015
     Having never hired a clearance company before, I didn't know what to expect when I hired RubbishRemovalClearance for my loft clearance. Luckily, this is a very experienced company with a lot to offer, and their help was incredible. I'm very impressed with their hard work and my loft looks amazing!
     Clearing my property was taking far too much time, and I wasn't getting anywhere with it. I started looking for professional clearance companies and came across Rubbish Removal Clearance. I decided to hire them after reading their customer reviews and I definitely wasn't disappointed! My needs and tight schedule were taken into account, and everyone worked incredibly hard to deliver amazing results. I couldn't be happier and would suggest you call this company if you're struggling with rubbish in your home!
     When I moved to my new home I was horrified to find the loft and garage filled with rubbish and junk! I got on the phone to Waste Removal Services to hire them for their clearance services and I'm really pleased that I did! The company was hardworking and got everything cleared in no time. Very impressive stuff and not expensive either!
Claire R.05/06/2015
     I got the kitchen extended recently and we needed builders waste clearance. Imagine my frustration of not being able to use the new kitchen. To my rescue came Rubbish Removal Clearance's team, they promised to get it all out of my sight in 5 hours. I was thrilled and was happy to see them finish the work before time. House clearance is made easy when the team is right. Thanks a lot.
     We got our flat refurbished a few weeks back. The builders waste was causing a lot of trouble and rendered the house almost impossible to live in. Rubbish Clearance's property clearance services stepped in at the right time. They provided the right help at the right time and the right price. I am very pleased and shall recommend them highly.
Billy Clarke15/05/2015
     I was over the moon with the rubbish removal service I used recently to get rid of years worth of clutter I had collected. Waste Removal Services did a super fast and efficient service, loading up the truck and sweeping the driveway afterwards. The workers were friendly and helpful and did a super job. Everything was moved really quickly. All of it was going to be recycled so I felt good about this. It is great now to have so much space in my home and garden. Money well spent! I would certainly recommend using these guys if you need more room to have a clear out and get rid of your rubbish!
Bobbi P.04/05/2015
     RubbishRemovalClearance did a super job in taking away some of the car parts and metal that had been stored in my shed for years. As we needed more room, it was money well spent to take away the rubbish and know it was going to be disposed of in the correct manner.
Terence G.24/04/2015
     I had completely decorated my flat throughout and had a lot of old carpet, wallpaper and tiles to get rid of. I used Rubbish Removal Companies as I knew they would be able to dispose of it in the correct manner. The service was first class; the workers were polite and hard working. Care was taken in removing the rubbish, and it was great to know it was all being sent to a recycling depot to be used again.
Brian C.14/04/2015
     We were downsizing into a smaller flat and had to be strict to how much of our belongings we could hold onto. We had a good sort out and found we had a lot of old rubbish that was of no use to anybody. Our son suggested we used Rubbish Removal Companies, and we did and got a first class service at a good cost and done by a really hardworking team.
Ernie Stevenson04/04/2015
     We hired RubbishRemovalClearance to help remove the final unwanted furniture and broken objects from my late aunt's house. We had donated and sold what we could but some of the things that were left were useless so we hired this wonderful company to take it away. It was amazing how much rubbish was left behind, broken glass and wood, out of date paints, electrical lights and appliances and more. The workers did a fast and helpful job and soon shifted all of the rubbish and even tidied up after loading the lorry. A great service at an affordable cost!
Alison Russell25/03/2015
     A friend recommended that I hire RubbishRemovalClearance for the junk and waste removal help I needed for my garage, and I can't fault the excellent work that they did! I was more than impressed with this professional and dedicated company, and they ensured that my house was in perfect shape really quickly and with ease. It's fantastic to see such a dedicated company, and the results were brilliant. Thanks so much for what I see as an infallible rubbish removal company!
Peter M.15/03/2015
     RubbishRemovalClearance did a flawless job with my home waste clearance. I needed a diligent and dependable company that could get my house into shape quickly, as I was hosting a party and desperately needed my after-builders waste getting rid of! This company were a God-send - they did great work, and very quickly too, so I didn't have to worry! I was more than pleased with the price too - I was expecting much higher costs! Very grateful for the hard work!
     As a landlord I often find myself with flats that have old furniture that needs throwing out. For some reason, it always gets spoiled by some means or other. There's no need to wait for the council to pick up a set of sofas when you can have RubbishRemovalClearance do it for an affordable rate on the same day. You also get service with a smile, which is always an added bonus. It's always a pleasure doing business with them and I'd recommend them to anyone who is a landlord. They're the perfect company for the job.
Hanna Cameron21/02/2015
     As someone who hates clearing up I do it as little and infrequently as possible. Whenever it gets to a point where I can't take it anymore I call RubbishRemovalClearance to haul my rubbish away. I collect a lot of strange objects and change my mind about them quickly, so it's lucky I have a cheap company on hand every 6 months or so when my house gets full! I'd recommend them to anyone who needs their house clearing out on a budget and needs a really good quality, professional service.
     It's nice to see a company that really cares about the needs of its customers. RubbishRemovalClearance were very considerate of my needs when I hired them to get rid of junk and rubbish in my office. The staff worked quickly so that I could get back to work as soon as possible, and they were very careful with all of my office equipment. Hiring this company was a great decision for my business, and I'd have no qualms about hiring them again! Thank you for the help!
     I didn't just want to have my house tidied up a bit, I needed the whole lot gone. It was becoming a huge problem, all that debris scattered around tripping me up. I only really used my bedroom and the rest was just a hoard of junk. I called RubbishRemovalClearance and told them to get rid of three rooms worth of worthless rubbish. They made light work of it since they had a few workers come with them and get it all over and done in no time. I was delighted with the price, too. I was expecting a lot more since I'd heard that property clearance was expensive. Thanks very much!
     RubbishRemovalClearance are the best clearance company I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They know how to treat their customers well and are able to be as flexible as you need them to be. That's a real benefit of time-testing, experienced companies... They realise that the customer is right and that they are a service, here to serve. The staff were compliant and efficient and I will be using them again in the future. I am sick of rude companies, because I know exactly what I want them to do! I recommend RubbishRemovalClearance to anyone who needs an efficient workforce for an affordable price.
Robert F.22/01/2015
     I'd been planning to clear the junk and waste from my loft for months, but I just never had the time or the energy. I stumbled across Rubbish Clearance by accident, but thought that they'd be a good fit for my needs. Their loft clearance service was exceptional, and took much less time than I'd been expecting. The cost was cheap, especially in comparison to other companies in the area, and I saved myself so much time and effort! A great company!
     As the owner of several centrally located officers I understand the importance of keeping things free of junk. The ecosystem of the office needs to be established by pristine surroundings which clear the worker's mind of stress and allows free thought. When I need an office clearing, I need it clearing then and there. That's why I use RubbishRemovalClearance for my regular office clearance needs. They're fast, affordable and efficient which makes them the perfect company for me and anyone else who likes a service to do what it says on the tin.
     This team of house clearance professionals does more than just throw things away. They help sort it out first, and then pack the rubbish into boxes for easy transit, then they load it all up onto the van and take it away with speed. My whole garage underwent clearance in less than an hour even though it wasn't ready to be cleared when they arrived. The bill was remarkably reasonable, and I am very satisfied with every element of the service. I would recommend RubbishRemovalClearance to anyone who needs a great firm to help with their garage clearance.
     I can't thank the dedicated staff at Waste Removal Services enough for their fantastic help at clearing my home. I had a lot of waste left over after having builders in, and although I was really worried about how long it might take, or how expensive it might be, this company was brilliant every step of the way. My home looked clear and tidy in no time, and the service was cheap as well! Thanks so much to everyone involved!
     RubbishRemovalClearance's rubbish removal service get a five-star rating from me! They were fast, punctual, friendly and efficient. That's not to mention the amazing prices they offered me. They were a frac-tion of the price of the same service elsewhere and set a shining example for other firms in the same industry. Everyone else needs to catch up, or RubbishRemovalClearance will take your customers! Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing; great waste removal for all.
     Sometimes, especially when you live alone, there's no solution to clearance apart from to call a junk removal firm. This was one of these times... Clearing out the attic was a massive job for someone of my age and constitution so it was brilliant to have a team of strong lads take it away for me. I could hardly get up there to see what it was, but as soon as I'd seen it was 100% worthless I was on the phone to RubbishRemovalClearance since my friend said they'd had the same thing done for cheap, and it was really very affordable.
Jade T.30/11/2014
     I used RubbishRemovalClearance for garden clearance after I decided to tear down the huge tree which stopped sunlight coming in through my window. They had no issue with lugging a massive great tree off and did it with a smile despite the weight of the thing. They had all the right equipment and transport to get it done without any fuss at all. I'm so pleased I stumbled across their telephone on the internet, it's made my garden a whole lot nicer to look at, and there's more sun in my room in the morning!
     After a long six years holding tenancy on my flat I had to give it up for a job in another part of the country. You can imagine the amount of clutter which had built up over that time period. It took me a few days to sort everything out such as packing the boxes, notifying the billing companies and other laborious tasks. After that I was left with two stacks, boxes and clutter. RubbishRemovalClearance came and took all of the useless rubbish away and that was the easiest part of the process by far! It hardly cost anything and I was able to finalise the moving out process and get into my new flat early next week.
Tina L.10/11/2014
     After knocking through two walls in my house to build an extension I needed a good waste clearance company to get rid of all the rubble before I could get started. Without RubbishRemovalClearance I would have been held back a lot since the other firms I called weren't able to come on the day I wanted to. RubbishRemovalClearance were fast, punctual and helpful. All in all, it was a very affordable service which I will be using again when I make the next lot of changes to my home. Very satisfied!
     Our firm has just shut up for shop for good to move onto a different line of work. You wouldn't believe the amount of rubbish which can come out of a shop; there were files, packaging, broken products, shelves, stacks of unknown items... all kinds of things. RubbishRemovalClearance were happy just to take it all away without worrying us about anything. They were able to offer us a great deal of flexi-bility especially when we needed a few trips to clear everything out properly. All was done for a great price, which is a rarity for this kind of service which obviously take a lot of effort and man-power.
Georgiana T.21/10/2014
     I wanted to get out of the city and reduce my belongings down to just a backpack, for cheap rent, easy travelling and a life without ties. First I sold everything non-essential and then singled out the junk to throw away. There was an awful lot of it! I thought I could just take it off in the car but I came to think that it'd be more harm than good to the old thing. RubbishRemovalClearance were happy to oblige and took all of my old furniture and rubbish off to be thrown away. The price was so affordable I was amazed!
Jack D.11/10/2014
     When I was redecorating last year I called RubbishRemovalClearance to get rid of all the furniture and other things which weren't saleable nor desirable to me, the design or my husband. This freed up a lot of space, physically and creatively, since the place looked like much more of a blank canvas to be worked with. RubbishRemovalClearance came and took the junk away so fast it was a real surprise they were so available to help at such short notice. I am sure to be redecorating in the next few years, I know exactly which firm to call.
Frida G.01/10/2014
     RubbishRemovalClearance were instrumental in cleaning out the office to move to a new one. The amount of useless things sitting in the back-room amazed us all and made us wonder why we hadn't sorted it all out sooner. At least it's all done now, and we don't have to think about it anymore. I think all the employees will be happier to move into a new, roomier office thanks to the great service of the waste removal firm which was affordable and really easy to work around logistically. Easily the most convenient office clearance service I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.
Michael B.21/09/2014
     RubbishRemovalClearance's clearing services are second to none! We had a huge warehouse full of empty cardboard boxes which was almost wall-to-wall. They came in and flattened them all down before clearing them all off to the recycling centre. A very good service, highly professional and the per-fect working partners for our warehouse, now and in the future. Highly recommended to all busi-nesses, owing to the value for money and the small amount of time it took them to do what is, in reality, an absolutely huge job for a team of any size.
Dave W.11/09/2014
     I thought I needed a big house but it was really just full of a load of rubbish which didn't need to be there. Because of RubbishRemovalClearance's cheap service it was able to be all packed up to be sent to the tip without any the messing around which would have ensued if I were to try and do it myself. So now I'm able to live in a small more modern flat which has no clutter whatsoever. My quality of life has never been better!
     It's no use dragging all your clutter along with you when you're starting afresh. That's what I found when I moved house and found worthless items which I wish I'd just thrown away. I hired RubbishRemovalClearance to just come and throw them all away, since it was a lot of things, like wonky furniture, broken records and empty boxes. None of it was worth anything so it was best just to get a skip and chuck it all in. It worked out for the best since now I have loads of space to put new things in.
     When I set about starting a new life overseas I found that I had a lot of rubbish around which needed taking care of first - I couldn't take it with me or even give it away since most people aren't interested in taking a suite of second hand sofas off your hands even if you offer it for free on the internet or in the newspaper. The deadline was tight so I ended up throwing it all away, and RubbishRemovalClearance were very helpful with the full property clearance. Their service was exactly what I needed to sell up and get away to a better, sunnier life.

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