02 October 2020
Why Hiring a Skip for Waste Disposal is Not Cost Effective

Reasons Why Hiring a Skip for Waste Disposal is Not Cost Effective

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Most people in UK will opt to hire a skip, especially when they have a lot of rubbish to get rid of. Skip bins are handy in that you can book them for an extended period and dispose your rubbish in it while you effectively carry out the house clearance across a period of time. However, they might not be the most cost effective way to dispose of your waste. Here are some reasons why you should reconsider using a skip during your next clearance round.

1.    Unless you are placing the skip on private land, you will have to obtain a skip permit from the local council in order to put it in your yard or on the sidewalk. Whether the waste removal company arranges for the permit or you do, this will be an additional cost you will have to incur in the property clearance process. Not to mention that obtaining a permit might be a time consuming affair as well.

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2.    Using a skip does not mean that you can load as much rubbish as you want in it. As with very other garbage bin, a skip also has its weight limit beyond which it cannot be filled. If you exceed the weight allowed, you might have to pay an additional fee for the extra weight in addition to the rental charge.

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3.    You cannot dispose of all kinds of waste in the skip. The restrictions are susceptible to company policies, but in general you cannot dispose of liquids, medical or clinical waste, tyres, batteries, electrical equipments, oil or gas containing items, asbestos, any kind of toxic waste etc.

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4.    Because of the shape of the skips, sometimes it might not be easy to fit in bulky items in the skip. Moving them into the skip could also be difficult and risky, especially without help. Bulky items will also occupy a lot of space in the skip, making it difficult to fit other rubbish in it.

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5.    If you do not have experience in hiring a skip for waste disposal, you might end up ordering a skip bigger than the size you need. This means that you might end up with a lot of unused space that you have to pay for nevertheless. Of course, you could always opt for sharing the skip, but chances that someone else in your neighbourhood will also have enough rubbish from clearance to dispose of are less likely.

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6.    Additionally, if you have bad neighbours, they might end up dumping their own rubbish in your skip when you are not looking. This means that not only will you end up paying for someone else’s rubbish removal, you might not have enough space left to load your rubbish in it.

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7.    Depending on the kind of rubbish you are disposing and the duration for which you keep the skip before collection, you might inconvenience yourself and your neighbours with the awful stink of filth that might emanate from it. Not to mention that it might attract disease-carrying pests that will damage your house and property and prove to be a health hazard for all living in the area.

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To avoid handling all these troubles and complaints from your neighbours, you might want to opt for a other alternatives to skip bins that might save you time and money, as well as the efforts in handling foul smelling rubbish yourself. If you do not wish to pay for a complete clearance service, you could opt to hire a van waster carrier or other similar waste disposal services.

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