14Jan 2015
Why Clearing Out Your Garden Is More Important Than You Think

Reason Why Clearing Out Your Garden Is Important

garden waste clearance
Our gardens are something that we take extreme pride and joy in,
being big and beautiful however we don’t always think of keeping them pristine! Over time generally, lots of waste builds up in the backyard with hedges needing to be trimmed down to twigs, branches and even leaves blocking up gutters and drains, leaving us thinking that we definitely need help with all the clearance. Hiring a garden clearance company means that you won’t have to spend the better part of your week off work when you should be either sleeping or on holiday, trying to fish around for all the little annoying branches that have got everywhere and are seeming to ensure that you cannot sit outside and catch some sunshine!

beautiful garden
Because your garden is often home to birds and other small animals such as squirrels (or even foxes, in some cases), it is wise to always have it clean. So many people’s gardens have beautiful fruit trees enclosed such as apples, plums and pears and that can be a real nightmare when it comes down to attracting the not-so-nice animals like rats and other small mice that of course as we know, are vermin and will leave you and potentially your neighbours at a huge health hazard and sleepless nights. Skip hires are amazing for this. We often stick out old sofas and what not into our gardens and just leave them there, however everything is energetic and clutter will make sure that peace and money alike do not come into your house.

leaf collection
So what should you do? Well in hiring out the clearance company, also make sure that they bring a skip along with them. Sometimes, they won’t always have the necessary facility to be able to load up the van or the truck on the very same day and they have to return to finish their job. It’s also not very professional to simply pile everything up in one corner and then try and take it from there. A skip at the front of your house means that whilst it may not look like it’s aesthetically appealing, you are sure that all your waste removal stuff is safely and securely situated in one place, so that when the house clearance company actually turn up to pick everything up on the last day, they aren’t wondering where everything is!

garden waste removal
Garden waste clearances should be done at least once in a few months meaning that especially in the autumn months, when possibly a lot of rotten fruit is on the ground, it clears it out for winter. A lot of people can be akin to overlooking this, however your garden is something just like your floorboards or carpets inside the house, should be clean all the time as much as you can have it. Hiring a company may seem like a lot of money involved, however there are places all over the capital who are able to do your clean, at a reasonable and affordable price meaning that you don’t have to break your back trying to do everything all by yourself (and also giving you that necessary free time to do something you actually love!)

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