03Feb 2015
What to Consider when Hiring Professional Clearance Services

Things To Consider Before Hiring Professional Clearance Services

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If you’ve decided to take control of unwanted clutter around your house and do some serious junk removal during a house clearance, it’s good to know that you’re not alone! There are many professional services that can help you at all different stages of house, property, office and garden clearance.

There are a number of reasons why you may need some services to assist with rubbish waste disposal. There are many clearance services available through professional companies. These include:

waste removal
-    House clearance
-    Garden waste disposal
-    Office clearance
-    Waste removal
-    Commercial clearing
-    Furniture disposal
-    Decluterring
-    Skip hire

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When going down the path of hiring a professional service there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best value for money. Some of these things include these handy pointers:

- Cost: make sure you set out a clear budget which realistic expectations. Do plenty of research as to what service you need. For most clearance services you will need to have an approximate estimate of how much needs to be taken away. For example, count how many boxes you need removed, or take some approximate measurements of furniture or other items. Give these figures to the clearance company in order to get the most accurate quote and best value for money.

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- Trust: it is important that you trust the company you are hiring. Have a thorough look at their website and phone the company to talk to the customer service staff members. If you don’t get a friendly and positive vibe from the company, it may be a good indication to look somewhere else. You really want to invest your money in workers you can trust to do a good job.

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- Recommendation: when checking the website, have a look at client feedback and take into account the positive and negative comments. Also, ask around with family, friends and neighbours to see if they have had any experiences, good or bad, with clearance companies. It is often best to consult with personal accounts and recommendations to get the best impression of a company.

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- Access: make sure the clearance company will have good access to enter the property or building where items need to be removed from. Factor in if there are any obstacles, long driveways, staircases, narrow doors and other such things. Ensure this information gets back to the company during your consultation period so that they can work this into their management and your quote.

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- Reliability: obviously, you want a reliable company that won’t let you down. You will be able to gauge an impression of this during your consultation period. Most companies will be able to accommodate to your time schedule and come at the day and time you want the service to take place. If the company isn’t accommodating in this way, you should look elsewhere so that you know you are hiring a reliable company.

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Hiring a professional clearance service will make your life much easier during any clearance. Make sure you are well prepared in the lead up to the clearance company arriving. Have everything packed away and organised ready to be taken away. Try to have all your boxes and items ready for removal in an accessible place to make the work easier. Just think about how relieved you’ll be when those unwanted items are driven away and they’re no longer your problem!

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