08Sep 2015
Creative DIY Projects with Old Wooden Crates

DIY Projects Ideas Using Wooden Crates

old crates DIY
When the moving process is complete and you have finally settled down in your new home, you will find yourself surrounded by the wooden crates which you brought all your things in, and the words “call for waste removal” will ring ever so strongly in your mind. Put do not dial the house clearance company just yet! Think about it, and see if there really is nothing you can do with the old crates and pallets. Surely you can come with a few things if you put your mind to it. All you need is creativity to figure out what, and a bit of handiness to do it yourself. If your imagination needs a bit of stirring, here are some ideas for projects.

crates recycling
• Storage

At the very least, you can use them as containers for something since that was their original purpose. You can place them in your cellar and store your wine and liquor bottles in them instead of wasting time and effort building wine racks.

DIY shelves
• Wooden Racks

Speaking of racks, they can be reshaped into wine racks themselves. It requires some woodcutting ability and diligence, but ultimately it can save you the price of a wine rack or the price of the handyman who will come to build it for you.

wine racks
• Fruit and Vegetable Stands

A little work on a few boxes can create a wonderful fruit or vegetable stand. If you have enough crates, you no longer have to worry about looking for a place to put your fruits and veggies.

old crates piled
• Recycle Bins

Another type of container you can make out of them is a recycle bin. Yes, crates are not the best rubbish holders by themselves, but that can be easily rectified by giving them a padding or simply putting a waste bag inside. Make a centre for your recyclable rubbish and make the extra crates you have the main containers. Colour them, label them, and use them to organise and store the rubbish that you mean to recycle in the conceivable future.

• Shelves

Crates can be repurposed into excellent shelf racks. It requires some handiness to put them together, but you can create your own rack for spices, bathroom supplies, cleaning products, towels, decorations, glassware, or even a bookshelf. Put them up against a wall, or mount them over a surface you do not use for something else, and make them practical again.

shelves from crates
• Coffee or End Tables

Connect a few crates in a proper style and you can have yourself an excellent coffee table for your living room or patio. Or an end table to keep your alarm clock on. Even if you cannot make the proper surface for the table, you can still make the stand and place any flat wooden or glass surface on top of the stand, so do not worry about holes.

DIY coffee table
• Bar Stools

If you take sturdy enough crates apart and connect them on top of one another, you can create yourself a high bar stool. This is a bit more challenging and it is for the more handy, but with enough trial and error you can learn to do it yourself. And do not forget the cushion at the top!

• Console Station

Your living room might be missing a console station for your video game consoles or sound system. A few crates can remedy that quite easily, and along with the consoles you will also have a place to store games, CDs, DVDs, BluRays, and even vinyl records.

work station from crates
Junk disposal is not the only solution for your few extra wooden crates. They can be reshaped and repurposed and remade into something that will be useful for you. Use your imagination and save yourself the price of a waste clearance service.

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