23Feb 2015
Clearing Out An Office Before A Move

Clearance That Needs to Occur Before The Moving Day

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When you or your company is relocating an office space, there is a considerable amount of clearance that needs to occur before the moving day. Whether it is a home office or corporate office, the space should be cleared out attentively and carefully. To make sure you are prepared for your office move, take these clearance tips into account by asking yourself or your staff members the following questions.

What will you keep?

Before you start the clearance, you must know what you want to keep and what you want to throw out. Be specific about the intention of the move and have open discussions with those who use the office space so that everyone is on the same page. For example, if you are buying all new furniture for the new office space, let all the staff members know that furniture clearance will be part of the process so that they are prepared.

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What is the clearance time frame?

Have a calendar available so that you know when the clearance needs to be done by. Once the date is agreed upon by all people involved in the process, you can work backwards from there. Some of the things you need to prepare during this time frame include:

-    The initial clearance
-    Time for contractors to prepare quotes
-    Booking a moving van
-    Organise skip hire if necessary
-    Donating or selling furniture

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The less time you leave to prepare these things, the higher stress levels will be. It is always in your best interest during a clearance to organise things as far in advance as possible.

Do I need a professional clearance service?

To choose the right moving company, you need to invest some time and effort into doing research and getting the best value for money. There are a number of office clearance services that can assist with the tasks at hand. If you are hiring clearing services for your office move, make sure you are specific about what clearing tasks need to be done. It is worth contacting a range of different commercial clearance companies to get the best price quote possible. Some initial questions to ask yourself about each company you research include:

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-    Do they have good references?
-    What are their resources and equipment like?
-    Do they have a positive reputation and good customer service rapport?
-    What are their rates, and are they reasonable?

How can I minimise the amount of items to be moved?

Prior to the office moving day you can do a number of things to reduce the amount of items that you need to be moved. Moving fewer items to your new office space will save you time and money as you won’t need a larger mover van and the unpacking process will be much easier. An office move is the perfect clearance opportunity to undertake some serious junk removal. Some ways that you can minimise the items you are moving to your new office space include:

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-    Find out if there are any rebates available on your old IT equipment
-    Donate furniture to charity shops or second hand dealers
-    Sell furniture using the online market
-    Sell IT equipment such as computers and printers online
-    Find out what IT equipment can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way if it is old or damaged

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