09Mar 2015
Clearance After Home Renovation

For The Best Results With Your Property Clearance and Junk Disposal After a Renovation

construction clearance
If you are planning or a home renovation, or have recently undergone an extension or other kind of renovation, you will be left with much debris and waste that needs to be cleared. On top of this, there may also be unwanted items that need to be cleared as well, such as furniture. For the best results with your property clearance and junk disposal after a renovation, take these handy tips into consideration.

-    Get the professionals in: professional clearing services will make your life much easier during the post-renovation clean up. There are many waste removal facilities that can assist you in dealing with builders’ waste clearance. For building materials and hazardous substances used during a renovation, it is best that they are professionally disposed of.

professional rubbish collectors
-    Skip hire: hiring a skip will be one of the best things you do during a renovation. This makes the clean-up much easier. There are skips specifically for the type of waste produced during a renovation. Rather than having piles of rubbish, dust and debris, and old plastering cluttering up your renovation space, you can toss them straight in the garbage with skip hire. After the hire period is up, the skip will be taken away and you don’t have to worry about disposing of the waste yourself.

builders skip hire
-    Furniture clearance: if you are updating your furniture during the renovating period, you will need to clear away the old furniture. There are a number of ways to do this. Firstly, most furniture items can be recycled. If they are old or damaged, you should break down the furniture and recycle it. If the furniture is still in good working order, consider donating it or re-selling it using online classifieds or websites such as eBay.

furniture disposal
After the renovation and the clearance have been attended to, it is important to take care of the newly renovated space.

Some top cleaning tips for this include:

-    Clean the walls: this is important for renovated walls to be cleaned thoroughly so that all dust particles are removed. For newly painted walls, a dry dust clean will be most effective using a dry cotton cloth. For walls with old paint, a damp cloth or towel is the best way to clean them.

-    Vacuum floors: all floor surfaces, especially carpet, have likely attracted some dust particles from the renovation. Thoroughly vacuum all floor surfaces. For linoleum, tiles or wood you should mop the floors after vacuuming. You should leave the floors until last so that you catch all the dust that falls from the walls and other surfaces.

house cleaning
-    Check air filters: because of the dust swirling around during the renovation, it is important to check air filters and change them if necessary. If during your renovation you had professional painters come in, they may have taken the air filters out while painting the walls. Make sure all air filters are put back in if this is the case.

-    Wipe all surfaces: use a wet cloth to wipe down bench surfaces, countertops, furniture, shelves and anything else you can see. You may need to rinse out the cloth and ensure it is clean many times during this process as there will be a lot of dust to collect.

wipe surfaces
-    Clean vents: unscrew all air vents and clean them. Use a cloth dampened with hot soapy water for the most effective results. Make sure the vents are dried thoroughly with a clean cloth before re-screwing them shut.

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