30Jun 2015
4 Ways To Remove Rubbish in Richmond upon Thames

Easy Way to Rubbish Removal in Richmond upon Thames

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The hardest part of good tidy up in Richmond upon Thames is where to put all that rubbish. We are a bit limited now days when it comes to a big clear up with some of us often having to share our rubbish bins with other flats and bin men being fussy about what they are allowed to take. When it comes to a clear up, re-doing a room or extending your home then you end up with a lot of left over rubbish and junk. It’s sometimes that alone that can put you off the task itself. Here are four ways on dealing with all that unwanted junk.

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1. Hire someone. If money is not an object then the quickest and easiest way to rubbish removal in Richmond upon Thames, TW9 is simply to hire someone. Home clearance services are easy to find over the internet, the yellow pages or just check any leaflets or advertising that may come through your door. Your local notice boards can be useful too and often provide a service nearby therefore you know you are getting the best value for money. Property clearance services can help you have a stress free clear out, you know they will get everything done and you don’t have to worry about any mess or fuss. They can get anything done from smaller waste removal to furniture clearance without you having to lift a finger. This is by far the best way to getting you home cleared but you may be wanting to look for more budget friendly ideas.

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2. Skip hire. This is sometimes a cheaper option than hiring labour. You are doing the heavy lifting yourself but you have somewhere to put all the waste you are throwing out and someone will come and take it all away for you at the end. This is a great way to dump absolutely anything from your home or garden in TW10 and a great idea for a big clean. Get prepared if you are going down this route, you really want to make the most of your skip so get piles or bin bags organised before your skip arrives. You will probably have a time limit on your skip so you don’t want to overrun, get all the big stuff ready to dump and when that is moved you can get to all the little bits sorted in no time. Make sure you look into getting a skip permit and it might be worth checking with neighbour to see if they want to do any clear up in their own homes. You could go halves on the cost of hire without disturbing anyone at the same time.

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3. Talk to the council. Your council will usually pick up any rubbish for free. There will be a limit on the amount they will take however so this is better for a smaller move. You will need to be well organised with getting your junk removal together. The council take things separately so keep any old electrical items together, garden waste separate and so on. Check the website of your local council in Richmond upon Thames for more information.

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4. Go to the dump. The most cost effective way is to drive your stuff to the dump or get a friend to help. Great for domestic clearance in TW9 and you can decide how many trips you need to make to get things finished.

Whatever your budget there is an option for you to make a home clear out run smoothly, make sure you do plenty of research first so you don’t get caught out and when bagging up waste, keep items grouped together for easy disposal and recycling.

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